We will be open 5/20/20 for routine procedures including dental hygiene visits.  We will be following all established guidelines in regards to the Covid 19 virus.  Here is a list of some new things that we would like to prepare you for:

When we are scheduling your appointment, we want you to know that it is your decision.  For elderly patients or patients with extensive medical issues, we understand if you want to wait.  We are following all recommended protocols but we understand if you want to some time before scheduling cleanings and routine dentistry.  As always, emergencies will be seen promptly.

We will be taking temperatures at the front desk.  Per guidelines, 100.4 or lower will be seen for treatment.  Higher temps will have to be rescheduled.

A mask will be needed before entering the office.  If you forget, we can provide a mask for a nominal fee.

Come alone if possible.

Practice social distancing when in the office.